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CANNAMANtv Productions


CANNAMANtv Productions are Scotland's most innovative and contemporary production company combining animation, illustration, literary work and podcasting to form the most creative production enterprise to emerge in Scotland and the UK in recent years.

CANNAMAN animation series:

The CANNAMAN animation series is without question the most exciting animation series emerging on a global scale. The series depicts CANNAMAN and his unwilling 'rodent' side-kick Donnay, as they half-heartedly engage in adventures, both physically and philosophically, to claim their place as the rightful heirs to the animation throne both within the world of cannabis and beyond.

You can find ALL CANNAMAN animations on YouTube here:

CANNAMANtv literary work:

CANNAMANtv has numerous literary works, produced by CANNAMANtv CEO and founder, Conor Macleod, which encompass a broad-range of genres from humorous illustrative works to academically referenced non-fiction pieces. Check out the CANNAMANtv Books section of the website for more information.

CANNAMANtv Podcast:

CANNAMANtv podcast's are where you can find informative and exciting interviews with the leading professionals, scientist's, entertainer's and creative mind's in the cannabis space and beyond. With hundreds of hours of content you will be sure to discover insights and perspectives which will contribute towards greater understanding on a variety of contemporary and exciting topics and discussions.

You can find ALL CANNAMANtv PODCAST interviews on YouTube here:

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